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"Aww sweet pic!" I said to myself as I saved a new vore picture I found to my hard drive.
"RONALD!" I heard my mom call out, I ditched the computer and ran over to her in the kitchen.
"Yes Mom" I smiled
"I made you pancakes!" She glistened
"Thanks Mom!" I practically screamed giving her a hug and running to the table to eat my pancakes!
Shortly after I finished eating I saw the time, it was nearly 11am, and the carpool for Jewish Sunday School would be here any minute! I ran and got my shoes on and rushed towards the door, I opened the front door and my mother was there, I ran right into her and knocked her over. We laughed and said our good byes
"I love you baby" She said smothering me as if she'll never seen me again
"I love you too mommy" I smiled giving her a kiss on the cheek and headed towards the car that just pulled into the drive way


I love that boy with all my heart, I really do!, I walked over to the kitchen and started cleaning up his mess from breakfast. Then I remembered about Tina, I went into her room and looked for her, she wasn't there. She was probably out fucking some guy or something, whatever.
I went into Ron's room for a minute to get his laundry off the floor and saw his computer still on. I saw a picture up on the screen, download/file.php?id=38188&mode=view, hmm, is this implying she ate her kids? I've never heard of such a thing!
I looked at a few more pictures on the same site, and read a two stories. Apparently my son likes it when people eat their children. But they just come out the other side, thats not so bad! I should give him his wish!


Ron finally got home, I had just put his lunch on the table when he walked in the door.
"Hello sweetie! How was Sunday School?" I asked gently
"It was pretty cool, we read about the flood today, you know, Noah's ark and stuff" he laughed
"Oh yes! Speaking of arcs did you know that Christopher Columbus was Jewish too?" I asked, remembering reading that somewhere
"Wasn't he the guy who converted all those Indians to Christians?" He asked puzzled
"It was only to avoid his own persecution though"
"Why didn't he spread Judaism then?"
"Hunny, that's a sin remember?"
"Oh, okay" He smiled adorably!
him and I sat down and started eating our lunches, I made us BLT Sandwiches, he really likes those!
After we were done, he went off to his room and I went to mine to better plan Ronny's little trip to my tummy


"Oh crap!" I said to myself looking at my computer screen seeing that I left a vore picture up! How stupid am I! What if my mom saw! Oh Ronny! What is this weird picture? Don't ever look at it again do you hear me!
Whatever, she didn't see it and thats the important part. I got back on and started looking at other pictures. I just loved alot of the puns! But I've always felt photomorphs were abit bias, its all oral vore, no breast vore or anything like that. What can you do though? So I just kept reading!

~Hours later~

Its 2am! No school tomorrow! Hooray! Me and mom are going to do something special according to her, I can't imagine what we'd be doing though! There's nothing special going on tomorrow, and its unusual she just says Hey Ron! Stay home tomorrow! Great Bye!
Whatever, I'm not going to complain about a good thing, but I'm really tired, so I'm going to bed now.
I got out of my chair and turned my computer off, I laid in bed and close my eyes, pretending I was in alot of those vorish situations I was just reading. I smiled and drifted off!


Alright I've got all my plans ready now! When he wakes up in the late afternoon, I'll take him out for a nice lunch and then eat him! I'll catch him off guard, I smiled and laughed to myself abit! I couldn't wait!


He was finally up and I told him to get dressed, which he did pretty quickly, and we were off! He said he wanted Mexican food so we went to Buanous Nachos and got giga burritos! After eating this giant bean monster I was questioning my ability to get Ronald down, but I didn't worry, I knew I could do it!
After we got home I told him to sit with me on the couch, and we talked for about a minute or so and then I brought up an interesting topic
"Hey, have you heard of something called vore?" I asked him gently, he looked abit nervous and said
"Yeah, I've heard of it abit" lying, so cute, I smiled
"It sounds pretty intriguing doesn't it?" I asked "Being inside another human beings body, overlapping space, its the ultimate bond of trust and love" I smiled to him
"Yeah, its like saying I want to support you and be with you forever" He said, finally started to liven up
"I love you with all my heart Son" I smiled as I put my arm on his shoulder
"I love you more than anyone else mom" He smiled back at me
I grabbed him and held him tight to my bosom, embarrassing him with all my might! Then I looked at Ronald right in the eyes and I opened my mouth wide. He didn't struggle or anything much, he didn't help either though. He was a dear in the head lights, a Collage student being given $100, he was in complete awe. His head was in me first, I gulped it down and got to his neck, and upper back. feeling him slide just alitte bit at a time.
His torso was next, he didn't eat enough, he was so thin, it was easy even for me to get his middle down! Then his legs slipped down there easily, his socks fell off as his feet approached me. He was all the way inside my stomach, his body in there completely.
"Thank you mother" I heard gently
"No, thank you son" I said softly back


I laid in my mother's stomach, in total amazement, I didn't think this kind of thing could really happen! My feet, they felt so weird without shoes or socks on in this soft and squishy room. I laid back and relaxed as I felt my mom do some choirs and then sit down.
"Hey Ronald, you're an expert on vore," oh crap, I thought, she did see that picture didn't she! "How long does it take before you're out"
"how would I know?" I asked, trying not to sound disrespectful
"I saw your pictures, don't they say what happens next?"
"Those are edited pictures, none of them really ate anyone, and it says they end in digestion"
"Yeah, its a dream come true!" I smiled, knowing I'd be a part of my beautiful mother's body forever, but the contractions in her stomach grew faster and more violent, she didn't know it'd end my life to eat me did she?
At first I think she was crying for abit, then she was laughing and after that, she fell asleep on the couch.

~5 hours later~

I don't know much anymore, I my mom's probably awake by now. I am dead. My soul has moved on to a greater place and to serve a greater purpose, but I am still here. I've been digested and turned into smaller partials and my body has been completely absorbed by my mother's. I'm everywhere, but most of me is on her belly, or in her ass or breasts. I felt bad about ruining my mother's wonderful stomach and making it look larger for my own selfish pleasure. But I was happy that I was able to support and cushion my mother when she sits by being her ass. and I made her hotter by being her breasts. Her breasts have always been large to start with, I'm sure that having me in them would not only make them huge, but special. No longer would she complain My Boobs are annoying me! or These useless fat bags are too big! but instead, she'll look at them with pride and say That's my son, sunshine of my world!


I was just at the most wicked sick party ever! it lasted two whole days! Two fuckin' days I can't even remember! Ha!
I walked in the front door of my house and saw my mom laying on the couch a bit sad, and bigger too. Couldn't place it where or how, but she gained weight!
"Hello darling Tina" She smiled, she never talked to me so politely before...
"We're, we're you safe while you were gone?" She asked me, nervously almost... what was she trying to pull, besides my heart strings
"I missed you sweetheart" She said, looking like she was about to cry, I don't know what it was, but something made me run up and hug her
"Welcome back to the family hunny" My mom said softly in my ear
"I love you so much mom" I said, crying... sobbing

Annie - Annie is a proud mother, anything her son wants he gets! She often over looks her daughter in that sense, shes left out constantly! Annie loves Ronald more than anything in the world, and usually respects his privacy to the fullest extent possible, but that isn't to say that she's never seen his Computer history once or twice. =)

Ronald - Secretly a voraphilla, Hes a 9th grader a mama's boy! She's been babying him forever! He barely has friends outside of her and is constantly being bullied by his younger sister and her friends for that reason. His favorite vore is Mother vore and he's a member of Eka's Portal!! *YAYAYA!!*

Tina - Tina is Ron's younger sister and Annie's younger daughter, she's very rebelous because her mother doesn't notice her and her brother is always with her mom. She's never home and just hates being there all together! She wouldn't even mind if Ronald was gone!